A’ole GMO means A’ole Aloha


The local people of Hawaii can no longer ignore that there is no aloha in our communities about A’ole GMO.  Farmers and their employees, scientists, and others who speak up for biotech are tired of being demonized by these A’oles.  Our pages has been resurrected to continue our mission to expose the A’ole Aloha that are being experienced by our own local people.  It is unacceptable and must be no longer be ignored for these people are now attempting to make laws to fracture communities.

A’oles call these people the enemies because they do not accept the evidence presented by the science communities.  Laws must be based upon evidence, not the loudest of the activists.  Local people can no longer accept this.  Our page is here to show the world what happens when you speak out for science, especially biotech here in Hawaii.  And it’s not pretty.  Hence the name, A’ole Aloha means A’ole GMO.  Let’s recognize this problem and address it once and for all.


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